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Lip Injections

DC Medical Aesthetics

Treat yourself to the perfect shaped lips you've always longed for. At DC Medical Aesthetics, we understand how precious your lips are.We use only premium brand lip fillers that are safe and guarantee results. Prior to treatment, a numbing cream is applied for your increased comfort.

We use very fine needles and a state of the art injection pen which provide you ulitmate comfort and even distribution of fillers in you lips!

What are the areas treated?

  • Vermilion Border
  • Philtrum
  • Cupid’s Bow
  • Corners of the lips
  • Barcodes/ smoker’s lines

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What to expect during the treatment?

Like with all other dermal filler injections, we start this procedure with an application of a topical anaesthetic cream. A very tiny needle is used for your comfort during this procedure.

The Perfect Pout

Introducing our NEW Teosyal dermal filler injection device Ask us about automated gentle injections with Teosyal Pen. You will experience consistent results, reduced side effects & virtually painless

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After the treatment

You may experience swelling, bruising, and tenderness on your lips and surrounding areas. Although right after the procedure, you will feel numb from the anaesthetic in the filler, Cold compresses will help ease any discomfort you may have. It is normal to feel little bumps and lumps on on your lips for the next couple of days up to 2 weeks. In 2 weeks time, you should be completely healed from the treatment. You are not to exercise or have any alcoholic beverage after the procedure.

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Latest testimonial

I went in for a correction on my lips and a little bit of filler in my cheeks. She was the only one who had absolutely done the job correctly. I have had fillers in my face done over 7 times in ONE year, and she was the first person who has done them correctly and beautifully. I will never go to anyone else now. I highly recommend her.

J.C. - March 2017

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